Purebliss Le Tour (Amy)


Purebliss Le Tour (Amy) is a Brown Spotted (Rosetted) girl with superb temperament and real high contrast rosetting (Just look at those doughnut rings!). She has good type and profile and produces kittens that are to die for! She carries Seal Mink and passes on those gorgeous doughnut rings to her babies.

Amy has tested negative for PKdef

Sire is Purebliss Oki-Doki

Dam is Purebliss Flash Dance

Current status = In kitten to Purebliss Kizer Shizer owned by Jacky Bliss at Purebliss


Purebliss Splendour (Penny)

Penny is a Brown \ Black Rosetted girl who joined our breeding program thanks to Tim and Jacky at Purebliss Bengals. We are very grateful to them for allowing Penny to come and join our household as a breeding queen.

Penny produced her first litter (sire = Purebliss Woody Nightshade) in June 2015 and following this has been shown. She gained Championship status at the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain Show in Solihull, 2016

Current Status: In Kitten to Purebliss Glacier